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De la Costa Academy Ottawa |

De la Costa Academy Ottawa


We Cover All the Bases
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Adult BJJ

BJJ is the # 1 choice  for everyone from students to professional athletes looking for the best in real world grappling and self defense training. 

Self Defense Courses

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based self defense program is designed to control, neutralize and dominate a real-world aggressor.


Our youth BJJ program takes a holistic approach to martial arts instruction, teaching everything from self-defense and bully-proofing to character building, focus, grit and discipline while at the same time giving kids 10+years old a great foundation in the art.

Welcome to De la Costa Academy, Ottawa’s premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy

Led by head instructor and co-founder of the De La Costa family of academies Joe Neurauter, our academy’s culture and mission lies 100% in the growth of our students on every level.

With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense training for everyone from beginner to professional combat athlete, we welcome you to visit and see first hand what makes us the premier choice for martial arts training in the National Capital region.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not an easy martial art – it can be demanding at times.  But with our modern approach to instruction, almost everyone is capable of learning it and benefiting from its many elements.


The Many Benefits Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Increased self-confidence and discipline
  • Enhanced overall fitness level
  • Improved energy and focus
  • Aggressive goal setting and achievement
  • Superior coordination and agility
  • Effective, real-world self-defense skills


6 Week Women's Self Defense Program

What People Are Saying

“Top quality instruction and an excellent program for beginners and seasoned students alike. The coaches really go above and beyond to help you along with everything from basic techniques to competition training. Whatever your goals are they will help you achieve them. As a paying customer for ~2 years now I couldn’t be happier”


“De la costa Academy set me on the path of my martial arts journey. I still rely today on the lessons I learned from them, both on the mats and in life.” 

Alex Garcia ~~ UFC Fighter

“A safe, open minded and friendly place to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu from great coaches with real life experiences with high level competition to self defence out in the real world. Also a great place to make friends. I’ve been here for 2 years training and I couldn’t imagine calling any other gym home.”



Getting started has never been easier with our 30-day Best Fit Guarantee.  We neither need nor use high-pressure sales tactics, because we’re truly confident that once you’ve tried a few classes, you’ll see what makes us not only the National Capital Region’s premier choice, but also the right fit for you.  Ask us for details!

The best time to get started towards results is RIGHT NOW.