There’s a lot of conflicting information and opinion circulating these days as we come to grips with the coronavirus.  Understandably, many of us are asking ourselves just how safe it is to go about our daily routines.

I can’t speak to public transit, your office, or even your home, but I feel now’s a good time to fill you in on what we do at the academy to make sure it’s a safe, clean place to train.

Ever since we opened, people have expressed some permutation of “the white mats look amazing, but aren’t you afraid they’ll get dirty?”.  Well, yes, I am.  But I want to KNOW they’re dirty — so I can clean them!  White glove inspections are done with white gloves for a reason, so dirt shows up!  Same with our mats.

Speaking of our mats, I personally clean them with industrial, premixed disinfectant after every class.  Why do I do it myself?  So I know it’s done right, every time.

More, the mop bucket I use has a separate container for used water, so I’m never dipping the mop into dirty water.  I use a separate mop for the mats as I do for the floors, and I have yet another mop I use exclusively for the bathrooms.  Because of course I do.

The mop heads?  I bring them home and launder them in bleach and hot water.

I sanitize every surface with the same industrial disinfectant I use for the mats, including the showers.

And I encourage and remind my athletes to make use not only of the soap provided in the restrooms but of the hand sanitizer available in both change rooms and at the reception.

Athletes who are feeling under the weather are encouraged to stay home, and athletes who show up with open sores or the like are sent home.

All of this is to say that, unless you work in a hospital or a high-tech clean room, our academy is very likely the cleanest, most germ-free place you’ll be all day.

Want to know something else?  This is nothing new.  These protocols have been in place since we opened, and they’ll continue to be in place going forward.  Because a clean, safe academy is the bare minimum one can offer one’s members.

Keep training!

Head Coach