Self Defense Courses

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Based Self Defense Program is Designed to Control, Neutralize and Dominate a Real-World Aggressor.

Women’s Self Defense 

Here’s the thing, and there’s no way around it:  defending yourself against a bigger, stronger attacker takes legitimate skills and strategy.  Period.  Anyone who tells you they can teach you in a couple of hours secret techniques to easily dominate any attacker is either dangerously misinformed or outright disingenuous. 

We don’t teach the death touch, nerve strikes or any of that nonsense – your safety is too important for that.  We teach a system that’s actually been proven to work, live and in real-life situations.  We teach women how to get home safely, and that includes recognizing and reacting to dangerous situations before they become physical altercations.  And yes, we teach you to kick ass when you have to as well!

Why six weeks?  Because six weeks is the bare minimum it takes to actually learn, practice, and become somewhat proficient in the strategies we hope you’ll never have to use.  Because when you’re done our program, we want to send you home better equipped to get home safely. 

6 Week Self Defense Course

So you want to learn how to handle yourself? How to defend yourself and your loved ones when the need arises. What’s your plan?. 

The nerve-strikes you learned at the Y don’t work. The trusty kick to the groin? Nope. How about that really cool palm strike that instantly incapacitates even the largest aggressor? Sorry.

All this stuff looks great in the movies, and none of this nonsense is going to get you home safely.

Know what will? Actual proficiency in real-world techniques, tactics, and strategies to not only dominate physical encounters but avoid them altogether. Applying leverage to control and submit the larger aggressor. In a word: cheating.

Our program helps you stack the deck in your favor. Simple as that.

Why six weeks instead of a two hour Saturday class and a cool certificate? Because two hours is nowhere near enough time to acquire the type of skill you need. And that certificate isn’t going to mean a thing when push comes to punch.