Best fit Guarantee

Take The Stress Out Of Choosing The Right Gym For You


Joining a team can be a huge decision.  Where you train will impact how quickly you develop as an athlete, which people become part of your close group of training partners, and how well you fit in.  And let’s face it, no gym can be all things to all people.

But we’re pretty darned confident in our programs.  So much so that we’re putting our money where out mouths are.

Here’s the deal:  Come in, try us out for a week for free.  If you get a good feeling for the place, we’re happy to sign you up.  Commitment issues keeping you from signing up?  Take advantage of our industry leading Best Fit Guarantee.

Sign up for our most economical option, the one-year plan.  If in the first month you find another gym you feel would be a better fit for you, not only will we drive you to your first class there (if you need a lift, that is), we’ll refund your month and cancel your contract.  Same goes if you want to cancel for ANY reason in the first month.

Free week to try it out.  A month to change your mind.  Why?  Because when all’s said and done, joining a team is a big step – we want you to be as confident in our programs as we are.  And, like I said: we’re pretty darned confident.

Sound fair?